A Health Management information system (HMIS), is a system based on routinely collected health data that are aggregated, analyzed, presented and used by health workers, managers, planners, policy makers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions. The HMIS core concepts modules aims to equip the workforce of the national health information system of the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia and higher education with knowledge and skills necessary to implement the national health information system. These include to understand the link between the health system and the health information system, select appropriate data sources for data collection and reporting, follow established data recording and reporting procedures, adhere to data management standards, and calculate and report on HMIS indicators. It also aims to maintain data quality standards, use data quality assessment techniques, interpret, present, and communicate data for use in decision making, create a demand for data and foster a culture of information use, and promote good governance of the HMIS.
Continuing education unit: 10