Dagu 2.0 Training Dagu 2.0 is an inventory management system designed to manage daily transactions at service delivery points. It provides a systematic recordkeeping system for managing health commodities and facilitates the use of standard operating logistics procedures including: issue and receipts, ‘first to expire, first out’ (FEFO), and batch/expiry tracking. It also helps store and generate timely stock reports for decision-making. Dagu 2.0 is the online version of Dagu that is being scaled up across the country as health facilities train staff and switch to the online platform. This training is designed to equip you with the basic skill that will be required at health facilities to implement Dagu 2.0. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a certificate. We hope you will enjoy taking this course. If you have questions, comments or suggestion you can contact us through the email addresses or phone numbers below. Training website support: elearning@jsi.com Dagu 2.0 content questions: Dagu 2.0 website support: